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Lazy Quotes from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes quotes about laziness, being lazy and to laze around.

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Look at them, Smithers. Goldbrickers.. Layabouts.. Slug-a-beds! Little do they realise their days of suckling at my teat are numbered
Monty Burns - Work
- Criticism - Jobs - Laziness

Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man; he is sure to find an easy way of doing it.
Walter Chrysler - Hard Work -
Lazy - Management

Nobody can think straight who does not work. Idleness warps the mind.
Henry Ford - Work - Laziness

President Bush says he needs a month off to unwind. Unwind? When the hell does this guy wind?
David Letterman - Funny
- Lazy - Politician

The average man doesn’t wish to be told that it is a bull or a bear market. What he desires is to be told specifically which particular stock to buy or sell. He wants to get something for nothing. He does not wish to work. He doesn’t even wish to have to think.
Jesse Livermore - Bear Market - Stocks - Stock Market - Laziness

Landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed.
Karl Marx - Real Estate - Laziness - Landlord - Greed

You've got to look for a gap, where competitors in a market have grown lazy and lost contact with the readers or the viewers.
Rupert Murdoch - Growth - Competition - Lazy - Customers

It's hard to do it because you have got to look people in the eye and tell them they're irresponsible and lazy. And who's going to want to do that? Because that's what poverty is, ladies and gentlemen. In this country (USA), you can succeed if you get educated and work hard. Period.
Bill O'Reilly - Poverty
- Responsible - Lazy - America - Success - Education

Everything we would ever need to become rich and powerful and sophisticated is within our reach. The major reason that so few take advantage of all that we have is simply, neglect.
Jim Rohn - Self Help - Rich - Laziness

If you really want to succeed, you’ll have to go for it every day like I do. The big time isn’t for slackers. Keep up your mental stamina and remain curious. I think that bored people are unintelligent people.
Donald Trump - Success - Laziness - Intelligent

Quotations about those that Laze around and being Lazy Quotations about those that Laze around and being Lazy

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