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Long Term Investing Quotes from inspirational people in a number of industries including finance, investing, self improvement, business and more. Includes quotes about Long Term Investing, leaving your investments to mature, buying and holding stocks long term, and investments that are held rather than traded regularly.

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My wheels are running. My investments are local, regional and international.
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud - Action - Long Term Investing - Investing

I'm not panicking, and I'm not scared, I've been through the Gulf War, the Asia crisis, and the Russian crisis.
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud - Commitment - Long Term Investing - Fear - Asia

We're getting hurt, but I'm a long-term investor.
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud - Challenges - Commitment - Long Term Investing

Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.
Warren Buffett - Stock Market - Long Term Investing

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett - Planning - Long Term Investing - Patience - Past

When we own portions of outstanding businesses with outstanding management, our favorite holding period is forever.
Warren Buffet - Long Term Investing - Business - Management

Remember, I am neither a bear nor a bull
, I am an agnostic opportunist. I want to make money short- and long-term. I want to find good situations and exploit them.
Jim Cramer - Opportunity - Bear Market - Bull Market - Money - Long Term Investing

You look for stars. You look for the makeup of artists who can have long lasting careers and who could be headliners.
Clive Davis - Commitment - Jobs - Long Term Investing

People ought to invest in us because they like our company and the way they run it. We still do quarterly earnings guidance, but we tell people openly that they ought to look at the company for the long term and that's how they ought to invest.
Jeffrey Immelt - Companies - Future - Investing - Long Term Investing - Management - Earnings

Being captive to quarterly earnings isn’t consistent with long-term value creation. This pressure and the short term focus of equity markets make it difficult for a public company to invest for long-term success, and tend to force company leaders to sacrifice long-term results to protect current earnings.
Charles Koch - Successful - Companies - Leadership - Earnings - Long Term Investing - Stocks

There can be little doubt that a certain amount of corporate philanthropy is simply good business and works for the long-term benefit of the investors.
John Mackey - Business - Long Term Investing
- Philanthropy

Synergy is the driver. There are two levels of synergy: there are operating synergies, which, you know, you'd have to be stupid not to try to take advantage of, and then there are strategic synergies. In other words, in what positions you would be more sustainable, more long term, and so on.
John Malone - Change - Improvement
- Long Term Investing

Our goal is long-term growth in revenue and absolute profit.. so we invest aggressively in future innovation while tightly managing our short-term costs.
Larry Page - Goal - Growth - Long Term Investing - Profits - Innovation - Revenue

Before this century is over, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will probably be over one million versus around 10,000 now. So for the long-term, the outlook is tremendously bullish if you buy stocks blindly to keep for a century.
John Templeton - Long Term Investing - Bull Market - Stock Market

Life is full of uncertainties. Future investment earnings and interest and inflation rates are not known to anybody. However, I can guarantee you one thing.. those who put an investment program in place will have a lot more money when they come to retire than those who never get around to it.
Noel Whittaker - Life - Planning - Long Term Investing

Quotations about Holding Investments Long Term Quotations about Holding Investments Long Term

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