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Mexican Quotes from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes quotes about Mexicans, the country of Mexico, Estados Unidos Mexicanos, and being an Mexican person.

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The US and Israel have demanded further that Palestinians not only recognize Israel's rights as a state in the international system, but that they also recognize Israel's abstract "right to exist," a concept that has no place in international law or diplomacy, and a right claimed by no one. In effect, the US and Israel are demanding that Palestinians not only recognize Israel in the normal fashion of interstate relations, but also formally accept the legitimacy of their expulsion from their own land. They cannot be expected to accept that, just as Mexico does not grant the US the "right to exist" on half of Mexico's territory, gained by conquest.
Noam Chomsky - Human Rights - America - Palestine - Israel - Geopolitics - Diplomacy - Mexico

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