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Mitigation Quotes from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes quotes about Mitigation, to mitigate, lessen or alleviate a situation, and the mitigation of global warming.

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It is a simple fact of life on earth that there is going to be no successful mitigation of the climate change problem without a truly global effort. All developing companies or all major developing countries have to be part of that and accept substantial constraints on greenhouse gas emissions.
Ross Garnaut - Facts
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The international equity question arises from the costs of climate change itself and mitigation varying greatly across countries. It is affected by the historical responsibility for current greenhouse gas emissions, which countries which were not responsible for what’s in the atmosphere now think are very important. Currently rich countries don’t think those issues are very important.
Ross Garnaut - Climate Change - World - Greenhouse - Emissions - History - Rich - Mitigation - Costs - Responsibility - Equity - Atmosphere

There is not going to be, we can be quite certain, there’s not going to be any action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by China or India or Indonesia or Brazil unless all developed countries are making a major effort. It will still be a big job to get them in, even if we are all making the effort. But our making the effort is a necessary condition.
Ross Garnaut - World - Emissions - Greenhouse - Mitigation - Responsibility - China - India - Brazil - Indonesia - Challenges - Effort

Quotations about the Mitigation of Global Warming and to Mitigate a Crisis Quotations about the Mitigation of Global Warming and to Mitigate a Crisis

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