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When I began my military service I thought it would be like the military service I had seen in the movie, From Here to Eternity (of 1953). That was the image I had. I even took my tennis racket with me. But it wasn't anything like the movie.
Giorgio Armani - Military - Movie

Trust the Universe. Trust and believe and have faith. I truly had no idea how I was going to bring the knowledge of The Secret onto the movie screen. I just held to the outcome of the vision, I saw the outcome clearly in my mind, I felt it with all my might, and everything that we needed to create The Secret came to us.
Rhonda Byrne - Trust - Belief - Faith
- Mind - Optimistic - Create - Self Help

The movie business has always been like the wild-catting oil business. Everyone wants a gusher.
Michael Eisner - Luck - Business

I'm 48. For a while after 'The Jerk' (movie) I had a feeling of failure. I was a little scared. First people discover you and they love you. You get big and then you fail. And people are glad that you fail. But I've always come back and I've started to trust myself.
Steve Martin - Famous - Criticism - Failure - Trust

One of the most ironic things about capitalism is that the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang himself with. Actually they will give you the money to make a movie that makes them look bad, if they believe they can make money off it.
Michael Moore - Capitalism - Greed - Profits - Money

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