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As you begin to take action toward the fulfillment of your goals and dreams, you must realize that not every action will be perfect. Not every action will produce the desired result. Not every action will work. Making mistakes, getting it almost right, and experimenting to see what happens are all part of the process of eventually getting it right.
Jack Canfield - Improvement - Action - Dreams - Mistakes

It is clear that global challenges must be met with an emphasis on peace, in harmony with others, with strong alliances and international consensus. Imperfect as it may be, there is no doubt that this can best be done through the United Nations.. not merely to preserve peace but also to make change, even radical change, without violence.
Jimmy Carter - Challenges
- Change - Improvement

To me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.
Walter Chrysler - Inspirational -
Miracles - Optimistic

Not everybody is perfect, and I don't think we should be looking for perfect people.
Simon Cowell - Perfect - People

We’ve got all these politicians talking about better health care and what all, but believe me, we’re not going to have the money to take care of sick people.. or anyone else as far as I’m concerned.. if we don’t fix our energy problem right now. I’ve got an idea what to do. It might not be a perfect idea, but hell, none of my best ideas have been perfect.
T. Boone Pickens - Politicians - Health - Money - Energy - Oil - Problems - Ideas - Perfect

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.
Chinese Proverbs -
Challenges - Improvement

I'm not perfect, I'm not an angel, but I try to live a certain way because it brings honour and respect to my mother. I tell people that when they look at me, they're looking at nothing but a big, overgrown, tough mama's boy. That's who I am.
Mr T - Values
- Responsibility - Perfect

Quotations about being Perfect and Attaining Perfection Quotations about being Perfect and Attaining Perfection

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