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Police Quotes from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes quotes about Police, policing society, the fuzz, police officers, pigs, LAPD, NYPD, and law enforcement.

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You get mad at your neighbor if they park in your parking spot; you get mad at your neighbor's dog if it craps in your yard; but you don't get mad when a bunch of mad dog killers are building FEMA camp control grids, brainwashing police, banning protest, having door-to-door gun confiscations?
Alex Jones - Tyranny - Killing - Mad - Police

We aren't going to let any mace stop us. We are masters in our nonviolent movement in disarming police forces; they don't know what to do.
Martin Luther King Jr - Police - Change - Protest - Encouragement

Under the pressure of fanaticism, and with the mob complacently applauding the show, democratic law tends more and more to be grounded upon the maxim that every citizen is, by nature, a traitor, a libertine, and a scoundrel. In order to dissuade him from his evil-doing the police power is extended until it surpasses anything ever heard of in the oriental monarchies of antiquity.
H. L. Mencken - Democracy - Police - Law - Evil - Authority

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