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Skeptical Quotes from inspirational people in a number of industries including finance, investing, self improvement, business and more. Includes quotes about being Skeptical, a healthy skepticism, sceptics, and the value of being a skeptic.

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I see myself as a climate change skeptic and a skeptic looks at the evidence and bases conclusions on the evidence rather than on belief. To hold the view that this is not an issue that you need to do something about, to hold the view that it’s all a furphy takes belief.
Ross Garnaut - Facts
- Climate Change - Ignorance - Science - Skeptical - Lies - Belief

Most of us at the Reserve Bank come from a background in economics and hence have a predisposition in favour of free markets and a sceptical attitude towards intervention in those markets unless there is a clearly defined economic rationale for it.
Ian Macfarlane - Banks - Economy - Free - Attitude

Mr Howard's problem is for so long he's been a climate change sceptic, how can he, therefore, put himself to the country as part of a climate change solution for the future.
Kevin Rudd -
Australia - Politicians - Criticism - Problems - Climate Change - Solutions

Quotations about Skepticism and Skeptical People Quotations about Skepticism and Skeptical People

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