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Statism Quotes by inspirational people in the fields of business, finance, politics and motivation. Includes quotes about Statism, the state, state socialism, the government and statists.

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Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all.
Frederic Bastiat - Statism - Socialism

The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else.
Federic Bastiat - Statism - Socialism

It is not that I am not a fan of American exceptionalism. That is like saying I am not a fan of the moon being made out of green cheese—it does not exist. Powerful states have quite typically considered themselves to be exceptionally magnificent, and the United States is no exception to that. The basis for it is not very substantial to put it politely.
Noam Chomsky - Statism - Government - Power - America

States are violent institutions. The government of any country, including ours, represents some sort of domestic power structure, and it's usually violent. States are violent to the extent that they're powerful, that's roughly accurate.
Noam Chomsky - Statism - Government - Power - Violence

The idea that the State is capable of solving social problems is now viewed with great scepticism.. which foretells a coming change. As soon as scepticism is applied to the State, the State falls, since it fails at everything except increasing its power, and so can only survive on propaganda, which relies on unquestioning faith.
Stefan Molyneux - Statism - Society - Failure - Propaganda

Politically, the goal of today’s dominant trend is statism. Philosophically, the goal is the obliteration of reason; psychologically, it is the erosion of ambition.
Ayn Rand - Statism - Philosophy

I define anarchist society as one where there is no legal possibility for coercive aggression against the person or property of any individual. Anarchists oppose the State because it has its very being in such aggression, namely, the expropriation of private property through taxation, the coercive exclusion of other providers of defense service from its territory, and all of the other depredations and coercions that are built upon these twin foci of invasions of individual rights.
Murray Rothbard - Anarchy - Government -
Society - Taxation - Property - Statism

Statism List of Quotes about the State and Statists

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