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Bear Market Definition Glossary of Stock Market Terms - Bear Market

Bear Market : The term Bear Market refers to a declining or poor state of the market or trading group, usually a stock market, in which consumer confidence and financial expectations are on a decline and the market continues to lose value, usually at an average loss of 15% to 20% in one or more index over a 12 month period. A Bear Market is the opposite of a Bull Market.
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Bear Markets get their name from the fighting techniques of bears. When in danger, bears will stand on the hind legs and swipe down with their front paws. This downward movement is used as a metaphor for the market trends. In addition, like the fast pace of the bear's swing, bear markets traditionally define periods of time in which there is a substantial decline in stock values. Unlike Corrections that occur over short periods of time, however, bear markets are longer-lived with a greater loss.

Investors usually sell large quantities of shares during bear markets, contributing to the rising pessimism and fear that accompanies large downturns in the stock indexes. These types of scenarios usually perpetuate the decreasing value of stocks, causing more fear and even more sales. Historically, bear markets have been the cause of major economic problems such as the 1929 Wall Street Crash and the energy crisis in the 1970s.

Also called : Bearish Market, Down Market, Bearishness, Bears and Declining Market.

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