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Bull Market : Bull Market refers to the state of a market, usually a stock market, or trading group (bonds, commodities, etc.) where financial confidence and expectations are high and the market itself is rising in value. A Bull Market is the opposite of a Bear Market.
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The term "bull market" originates from the fighting technique of the bull. When this particular animal fights, he thrusts his horns up into the air. Bull Markets use fighting bulls as a metaphor for the expected rise of the market shares and values.

Despite occasional dips in the market, including those in 1987 (Black Monday) and the NASDAQ crash in 2000 following the rise and fall of the dot com boom, the American stock market has been described as being in a continual bull market since about 1983.

Also called : Bullish Market, Up Market, Bullishness, Booming Market, Bulls and Advancing Market.

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