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Entrepreneurship : Entrepreneurship refers to an individual or group of individuals who start a new business or organization or revitalize an existing business or organization. These include businesses or projects for profit as well as non-profit organizations.
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In general, entrepreneurship is considered difficult since the founder or founders of the business oftentimes take on multiple roles and risks in order to make their venture succeed. While an entrepreneurship may consist of a single person taking and building a business as a part-time project, other entrepreneurial ventures involve starting businesses in order to see them grow and eventually hire on employees and personnel. Many of these larger-scale entrepreneurship ventures look for venture capital or investors who can help grow their businesses.

Individuals who take part in entrepreneurial ventures are considered entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs will analyze the market prior to investing in their project. Although any new business comes with risk, some entrepreneurship ventures are new and unique ideas that have never been tested on the local or global market. These kinds of new businesses have considerable risk associated with them and require a lot of investigation into the consumer base prior to launch. Examples of such entrepreneurial ventures are Yahoo and Google who took risks and opened up a previously closed and unknown market on the Internet. Since no online market existed before they began, Yahoo and Google were considered pioneers of largely uncharted consumer territories.

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