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Glossary of Environmental Terms Glossary of Environment Terms

Environmental and Green Glossary : Includes all the terms and definitions from the Environment glossary on All words and terms relating to the environment, ecology, climate change, and green living.
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All Environment terms are listed alphabetically.

  • Carbon Dioxide - Carbon dioxide is a molecule consisting of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. This molecule is a common by-product of animal and plant respiratory functions and is found naturally in the Earth's atmosphere as a gas. Carbon Dioxide is also required by plants for photosynthesis in which the molecule is used in combination with water to create cellulose and sugars.
  • Deadline - A Deadline is a specific date or due date by a which time a project must be completed or debt paid. The term also refers to a time limit or specific length of time by the end of which the project or debt must be finished. Failure to meet a deadline usually results in negative consequences.
  • Global Warming - Is the increase in the Earth's overall average temperature over recent decades and its projected increase in coming years. In recent years, this term has been used to describe the effect of human activities on the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Greenhouse Gas - Greenhouse gases refer to gases in the Earth's atmosphere that prevent the release of heat into space and therefore maintain heat retention in the atmosphere of the planet. Much like a greenhouse trapping the heat of the sun, greenhouse gases act like a clear insulating blanket, allowing the sun's energy to warm the atmosphere but not allowing the Earth to radiate some of that heat back into space.
  • Mitigation of Global Warming - Mitigation of Global Warming refers to the actions taken by individuals or corporations to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize their effects on global climate change.
  • Philanthropy - Usually refers to the act of generosity associated with giving money, time, or effort to a charitable cause or institution under the intention of improving the well-being of humanity.
  • Social Responsibility - The Term Social Responsibility refers to the idea that companies and corporations should contribute wealth or resources solely dedicated to the improvement of society as a whole. The principal of social responsibility dictates that these entities should contribute at least a small amount of resources to the general well being of humanity.

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