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Greenhouse Gas : Greenhouse gases refer to gases in the Earth's atmosphere that prevent the release of heat into space and therefore maintain heat retention in the atmosphere of the planet. Much like a greenhouse trapping the heat of the sun, greenhouse gases act like a clear insulating blanket, allowing the sun's energy to warm the atmosphere but not allowing the Earth to radiate some of that heat back into space. Many of these gases are naturally present around the Earth, causing our planet to contain heat necessary for life. Increased production of these gases by man, however, has created a build up of gases in higher levels of the atmosphere causing an imbalance of heat retention and release.
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The term "greenhouse gases" usually refers to the human-produced gases that contribute to the atmospheric warming effect. Such gases include carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Based on core samples from glaciers around the world, scientists have determined that products of the industrial revolution are largely to blame for the rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the consequential warming of the Earth. Prior to the industrial revolution, human influence on atmospheric temperatures was very small. Since the rise of industry, factories, and large-scale use of fossil-fuels, however, there has been and continues to be a rise in the levels of greenhouse gases.

Also called : Carbon Gases
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