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Mitigation of Global Warming

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Mitigation of Global Warming Definition Glossary of Environmental Terms - Mitigation of Global Warming

Mitigation of Global Warming : Mitigation of Global Warming refers to the actions taken by individuals or corporations to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize their effects on global climate change. This usually works in conjunction with national and international policies that minimize greenhouse gas production and release into the atmosphere. Instead of trying to adapt to global warming, mitigation of global warming refers more to the prevention and control of the products and actions that cause climate change.
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Much of mitigation of Global Warming is due to the reduction of common energy sources in favor of using renewable and sustainable energy. For example, instead of using fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases, companies and nations can start creating policies that promote the use of wind or solar energy, thus reducing their impact on global warming. Improving vehicle fuel efficiency is one way to mitigate global warming as is the use of and promotion of energy resources such as nuclear power, hydrogen fuel cells, tidal power, and geothermal energy.

Mitigation of global warming also has to do with the use of carbon sinks and carbon credits. In addition to reducing their effects on global climate change, companies in many countries can purchase carbon credits to offset their continued release of greenhouse gases. Proper urban planning with energy efficient housing and landscaping can further this plan and continue to reduce negative impacts on the environment by preventing them during the planning process. Energy efficient proposals and conservation techniques also add to the mitigation of global warming.

Also called : Low Carbon Economy, Greenhouse Gas Reduction, or Mitigating Global Warming
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Mitigation of Global Warming Description - Environmental Glossary
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