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Personal Finance : Personal Finance refers to financial planning relative to the individual. In general, the term relates to analyzing an individual's current financial status, budgeting, and planning for the future. Although each individual can perform these tasks for himself or herself, they may solicit the help of a "personal financial planner" or "personal financial advisor" to assist.
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Although some people use strategic financial planning in order to save up for specific events or opportunities such as retirement or college, individuals may incorporate personal fiance into their lives simply to gain control over their finances. Personal financial planning usually consists of five general steps:

Assessing current financial status to determine income and debt as well as personal assets such as homes, cars, or other property.
Setting financial goals for short and long term benefits
Planning the execution of these goals in detail in order to achieve them. This usually consists of small, monthly or yearly steps.
Executing the goals and monitoring progress
Reassessing the goals and achievements and making necessary adjustments.

Also called : Personal Financial Planning, Finacial Planning.
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