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Self Help : Self Help, otherwise known as Self Improvement, refers to the acts of an individual to improve himself or herself without assistance from anyone else. The term refers to any measure used to improve mental, physical, financial or spiritual conditions alone or by means of books or other reference materials.
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Self-help books have become popular over the years since they empower individuals to take control of their own lives without depending on others for help. Although books are not always an alternative to professional help, they can provide a sense of privacy and ownership over problems. Self-help books do not always work for everyone, but can help initiate long-term solutions for some. Since these concepts rely heavily on peer support and shared knowledge, they usually consist more of experience-based education rather than scientific fact or research.

Individuals can find materials for self help and self improvement in the forms of books, workbooks, audio guides, computer programs, websites, and peer groups. Some companies, like Nightingale Conant, have created entire systems of self-help guides that combine audio, visual and workbook components.

Self Help also refers to legal terms related to one's actions to fix legal problems without the help of an attorney.

Also called : Self-guided Improvement, Positive Thinking, Mutual Aid Societies.
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