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Sociology : Sociology refers to the study of human behavior and society as a whole. Sociology usually incorporates the history and evolution of human behavior, the institutions, structure, development, and organization of human society. This also includes the study of group behavior as well as individual behavior.
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Most divisions of sociology examine individual behavior in relation to group and society behavior. In essence, sociology views individuals as smaller units of a much greater and complex system. In this regard, individuals are examined in small groups (like families and organizations) as well as in larger groups (like cities, states, and countries). Key components of sociology focus primarily on conflict, resolution, how societies maintain and promote structure, and the promotion of health care within the community.

The study of sociology first became popular in the 19th century as the works of Karl Marx, Max Weber, James Coleman, and Robert Merton became increasingly well known. While sociology began as a theoretical discipline, over time it has become more of a science of study and quantitative experiments rather than strictly contemplative.

Some fields in sociology look at the sociology of culture, deviance, economics, education, gender, knowledge, law, politics, religion, science, stratification, and work.

Also called : A social science or a study of society.
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