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Business and Finance glossary of business terms and commonly used words.
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Business Glossary B : Includes all the terms and definitions from the glossary on that start with the letter B.
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All business terms are listed alphabetically.

  • Bear Market - Is a declining stock market, in which consumer confidence and financial expectations are on a decline and the market continues to lose value.
  • Billionaire - Refers to an individual whose net wealth equals or exceeds one billion dollars or pounds. If the individual has wealth in a currency other than dollars or pounds, the value of wealth is assessed according to general exchange rates.
  • Black Monday 1987 - Is the Monday on October 19, 1987 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 22.6% and similar stock markets around the world dropped enormous percentages.
  • Bull Market - Refers to the state of a market, usually a stock market, or trading group (bonds, commodities, etc.) where financial confidence and expectations are high and the market itself is rising in value.

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