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Business and Finance glossary of business terms and commonly used words.
Dictionary of words from business, investing, self help and politics.
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Business Glossary C : Includes all the terms and definitions from the glossary on that start with the letter C.
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All business terms are listed alphabetically.

  • Capitalism - Capitalism refers to a type of social government in which most or all means of production and distribution of goods and services is privately held by either individuals or corporations. The economic system of capitalism is based on the idea of a free market in which goods and services are traded openly and where prices and value find balance according to supply and demand rather than set costs.
  • Carbon Dioxide - Carbon dioxide is a molecule consisting of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. This molecule is a common by-product of animal and plant respiratory functions and is found naturally in the Earth's atmosphere as a gas. Carbon Dioxide is also required by plants for photosynthesis in which the molecule is used in combination with water to create cellulose and sugars.

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