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Business and Finance glossary of business terms and commonly used words.
Dictionary of words from business, investing, self help and politics.
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Business Glossary G : Includes all the terms and definitions from the glossary on that start with the letter G.
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All business terms are listed alphabetically.

  • Global Warming - Is the increase in the Earth's overall average temperature over recent decades and its projected increase in coming years. In recent years, this term has been used to describe the effect of human activities on the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Greenhouse Gas - Greenhouse gases refer to gases in the Earth's atmosphere that prevent the release of heat into space and therefore maintain heat retention in the atmosphere of the planet. Much like a greenhouse trapping the heat of the sun, greenhouse gases act like a clear insulating blanket, allowing the sun's energy to warm the atmosphere but not allowing the Earth to radiate some of that heat back into space.

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