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United Kingdom of Great Britain

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United Kingdom of Great Britain Glossary of Countries - United Kingdom of Great Britain

United Kingdom of Great Britain : Is a European country often referred to as the UK, Britain, or the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is governed by a Parliamentary system and has a Constitutional monarchy with a population of more than 60 million people.
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain is made up of four constituent countries that include England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is the only region that share a land border with another country, which is the Republic of Ireland.

The economy of the United Kingdom is one of the largest in the world, with the 6th largest GDP (Gross domestic product) in 2007 of US $2.270 trillion. The Industrial Revolution began in the UK, with the region dominating world trade for much of the 19th century. The strength of the UK economy is now largely supported by the financial services sector with major players in banking and insurance making large contributions to the GDP of the United Kingdom.

London is both the capital and largest city in the UK.

Also called : UK, United Kingdom, Britain, Pommy Land, Great Britain.
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