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Oct 12 2010 HBS Business Articles

+It Pays to Hire Women in Countries That Won't - South Korean companies don't hire many women, no matter how qualified. So multinationals are moving in to take advantage of this rich hiring opportunity, according to new research by professor Jordan Siegel.
+Introverts: The Best Leaders for Proactive Employees - We often expect corporate executives to conform to certain extroverted CEO stereotypes: C for charismatic, E for effusive, and O for outgoing. To wit: Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson, who very publicly flew around the world in a hot air balloon; former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, a guest player on the sitcom 30 Rock; and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the swashbuckling yachtsman.
+John Kotter: Four Ways to Kill a Good Idea - Every visionary knows the frustration of pitching a great idea, only to see it killed by naysayers, say HBS professor emeritus John P. Kotter and University of British Columbia professor Lorne A. Whitehead. In an excerpt from their new book, Buy-IN: Saving Your Good Idea from Getting Shot Down, the authors reveal strategies used by your critics—and how to defend against them.

May 6 HBS Business Articles

+Connecting with Consumers Using Deep Metaphors - Consumer needs and desires are not entirely mysterious. In fact, marketers of successful brands regularly draw on a rich assortment of insights excavated from research into basic frames or orientations we have toward the world around us, according to HBS professor emeritus Gerald Zaltman and Lindsay Zaltman, authors of Marketing Metaphoria.
+Sharpening Your Skills: Brand Management - Should I trust my brand to a sports endorser? Does B2B branding work? What does mystery writer James Patterson know about branding that I don't? Here are some recent HBS Working Knowledge articles on issues that keep brand managers up at night.
+The Marketing Challenges of the China Olympics - The Olympic Games are normally a marketer's dream. Not so much this year, given widespread protests against the Chinese government. Professor John Quelch outlines the branding challenges posed by this year's Games in Beijing.

January 16 HBS Business Articles

+Mapping Polluters, Encouraging Protectors - Where are the biggest polluters? And what is your company doing to protect the environment? A new Web site—both a public service and a research tool—posts managers' data in real time, allowing a balanced view of industrial environmental performance. HBS professor Michael W. Toffel and senior research fellow Andrew A. King explain.
+Sharpening Your Skills: Operations Management - Can lean production methods be used in service industries? How can operations be used to competitive advantage? These are several of the questions answered in this month's Sharpening Your Skills articles on the topic of operations management.
+A Resource Belief-Curse: Oil and Individualism - Antipathy toward markets has become particularly acute in Latin America, write HBS professor Rafael M. Di Tella and colleagues Juan Dubra and Robert MacCulloch. A connection between dependence on oil and receptivity to populist rhetoric is both natural in economic models and has some support in the data.

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