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Noel Whittaker Interview

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Management and Sales Expert Interview with an Investment Planner

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::: Noel Whittaker - Investment Planner & Author :::
Noel Whittaker is a well known Australian money columnist, public speaker, investment planner, and best selling personal finance author. His popular "Making Money Made Simple" book has transformed the lives of thousands of Australians and made learning about money interesting.
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business interview 1) Could you describe what you do for a living and how you got to where you are now Noel?

I am enclosing a bio which might help (We published a brief biography of Noel here).

2) How did you first get involved in personal finance and making money?

Joined the bank in 1958, and it all happened from there.

3) What has been your worst financial decision?

Going into partnership with a bankrupt to develop a shopping center in 1986. We had a million dollar debt, no money and no tenants, and interest rates were 21% which meant out debt was going up by $4,000 a week. It cost me half my assets.

4) What has been your best financial decision?

Writing the book ‘Making Money Made Simple’, starting my own business, and buying a house on the river in

5) What are some of the most common financial mistakes you see people making?

Not starting and not understanding how sums invested and spent accumulate so fast.

6) I have a pile of bills and know very little about money. What are some of the first steps I should take to increase my wealth?

You should buy my book ‘Making Money Made Simple’ and also get stuck into a budgeting program – which is mentioned in the book. You could also spend $49.95 buying my CD Rom which is available at

7) You have your own very successful financial planning firm with Whittaker Macnaught. What are the benefits of seeking financial advice from a company like yours?

We have a staff of 70 including 20 highly experienced and skilled Advisers. It is just too hard to do on your own and also people need a coach to give them a push, otherwise they will never get around to doing what they need to do.

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Noel Whittaker Interview

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