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Business and Finance Leaders by Country Business and Finance Leaders by Country

About the Business Leaders by Country Page : Includes a listing of all the famous business leaders, celebrities, financial experts, self help gurus, and investors on the Woopidoo Business Portal, categorized by country.
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leadership profiles by country Leadership Profiles by Country

  • Australian Leaders - Business leaders from Australia include entrepreneur Gerry Harvey, richest man Kerry Packer, golfer Greg Norman and more.
  • Austrian Leaders - Famous people born in and/or living in the European country of Austria.
  • Canadian Leaders - Famous Canadians that are successful in business, politics, finance, and self improvement.
  • Chinese Leaders - Listing of all the famous Chinese people on the Woopidoo business portal.
  • French People - Notable European business leaders and inspirational people from the country of France.
  • German Leaders - Includes business leaders, politicians and inspirational people from the country of Germany.
  • Hong Kong Leaders - Famous Asian business leaders and investors living in Hong Kong.
  • Indian Leaders - Profiles of famous Indian leaders include the business leader Mukesh Ambani and the billionaire Lakshmi Mittal.
  • Irish People - Notable Irish people includes a listing of celebrities from Ireland in Europe.
  • Israeli Leaders - Famous Israeli business leaders, motivational people and politicians includes famous Jewish people.
  • Italian People - Notable Italian businessmen, celebrities, and inspiration people from the European country of Italy.
  • Japanese People - Famous Japanese business leaders and politicians that include the Mori brothers and Takafumi Horie.
  • Polish People - Find famous Polish people of influence, interest, or great wealth.
  • Russian Leaders - Listing of famous Russians that includes oil billionaires and political leaders like Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
  • South African People - Notable people from South Africa like the famous human rights activist Nelson Mandela.
  • Spanish People - Famous Spaniards and notable Spanish people in the European country of Spain.
  • Swedish People - Famous billionaires, business leaders, entrepreneurs and notable people from Sweden.
  • Swiss People - Notable people and business leaders from the European country of Switzerland in Europe.
  • Turkish Leaders - Business leaders from Turkey include entrepreneur the founder of modern Turkiye, Ataturk and business leader Sakip Sabanci.
  • United Kingdom Leaders - Business people from the United Kingdon / Great Britain includes the Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson, business woman Anita Roddick, and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
  • United States Leaders - American People 2 - Professionals from the United States of America includes billionaire talkshow host Oprah Winfrey, real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump, and the richest man in the world Bill Gates.


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Famous Leaders by Country

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