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Learn from the leaders in business, finance, and motivation. Includes famous business quotes and biographies categorized by profession, occupation, country, and interest.
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  • Billionaires - Famous billionaires from around the world according to "rich lists" and the assets of each billionaire.
  • Economists - Includes famous economists, economic experts and professionals dealing with the economy.
  • Entertainers - Includes entertainers in the media industry, television talk show hosts, and radio personalities.
  • Entrepreneurs - Listing of famous entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial business leaders.
  • Environmentalists - See all environmentalists and environmental campaigners.
  • Fallen Leaders - Famous business leaders and finance professionals that have acted unethically and/or served prison time for their business dealings.
  • Financial Advisors - Browse through a listing of famous financial advisors, investment gurus, and economic reporters in the media.
  • Inspirational Leaders - Famous historical figures and inspiring people that have shaped our world.
  • Inventors - Famous inventors and innovative makers of new products and devices.
  • Investors - Art - Famous investors in art that have amassed important art collections.
  • Investors - Stock Market - Famous investors focusing on the stock market and share trading.
  • Leaders - Managers - Famous business leaders, business managers, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Chairmen.
  • Lobbyists and Activists - People that work to change the current system for a better one.
  • Media Moguls and Publishers - Selection of media moguls, magnates, tycoons, and book/magazine publishers.
  • Motivational Speakers - Famous motivational speakers, public speaking experts, and business coaches.
  • Philanthropists - Famous philanthropists and supporters of good causes.
  • Philosophers - Notable philosphers and thinkers on life.
  • Politicians - Politicians, diplomats, and world leaders commenting on business and the economy.
  • Psychologists - Great thinkers in the area of mental health, psychologists, and psychiatrists.
  • Real Estate Investors - Wealthy real estate developers, investors, and property tycoons.
  • Royal Families - Famous members of royal families around the world.
  • Sales and Marketing Experts - Listing of famous salesmen, marketing experts and advertising gurus.
  • Scientists and Physicists - Famous scientists and physicists known for their scientific work.
  • Self Help Leaders - Motivational speakers and self help gurus for inspiration.
  • Sociologists - Famous sociologists and those that have published important work on society and sociology.
  • Spiritual Teachers - Famous religious leaders and teachers of spirituality.
  • Sports People - Famous sports people, athletes, coaches, industry experts, and sporting team owners.
  • Technology Leaders - Information technology leaders, tech gurus, website owners, and Internet entrepreneurs profiled.
  • Woman Business Leaders - Famous woman business leaders and financial experts that are female.
  • Vegetarians - List of vegetarians and vegans.
  • Writers - Important published authors and essayists listed on Woopidoo.


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