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About the Famous Leaders by Industry Page : Includes a listing of all industries listed on the Woopidoo business portal. Includes leaders of their industry or chosen field in business.

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  • Auto Industry Leaders - Famous car makers, innovators in the auto industry, and leaders of giant car companies.
  • Bankers - List of famous bankers, banking industry leaders, central bank executives and financial institute people.
  • Casino Industry Leaders - Notable leaders in the gambling industry, casino operators, and developers of famous casinos.
  • Fashion Industry Leaders - Fashion designers, models, and influential people in the fashion industry.
  • Horse Industry Leaders - Famous race horse owners, thoroughbred horse trainers, breeders, jockeys, and other horse racing industry leaders.
  • Hotel Industry Leaders - Famous hoteliers, hotel managers, property developers of hotels, and hotel managers.
  • Internet Industry Leaders - People that have been influential in the internet industry.
  • Mining Industry Leaders - List of notanle mining magnates, billionaire miners and business leaders in the mining industry.
  • Music Industry Leaders - Find professionals in the music industry with producers, mixers, marketers and CEOs or record companies.
  • Oil Industry Leaders - CEOs of giant oil companies and people that have made an impact on the petrol and oil industry.
  • Retail Industry Leaders - Famous retailers and CEOs that are known for their retailing skills in business.
  • Sports Industry Leaders - Listing of notable sports people that include athletes, sports team owners, and sporting coaches.
  • Steel Industry Leaders - Owners and managers involved in the steel industry or those that own steel companies.


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