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About the Famous Johns Page : Includes a listing of all the famous people on the Woopidoo business resource with name of John, which includes the first name of John or lastname of John (or Johns). The name John comes from the Jewish name Yohannan which means "Yahweh is gracious" or God is gracious. Early Christians like John the Baptist (Yochanan ben Zechariah) and John the Apostle (Yochanan ben Zibhdi) did much to popularize the name, which has gone on to become one of the most used names in the English speaking world.

People with the name of John have also been called: Jonathan, Johnnie, Jonn, Johnny, or Jon. In the United States a John is a slang term given by some law enforcement officers to the men that use the services of prostitutes. The John can be used as a slang term for the toilet. The name John Doe is used in law to refer to a male that is unknown (females are know as Jane Doe). A Dear John letter is a letter written to end a relationship or to request a divorce. There are also a whole series of jokes on a character called John, referred to as Little Johnnie jokes.

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