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About the Famous Woman Leaders Page : Includes a listing of all the famous woman business leaders and financial experts that are female. Includes businesswomen from large corporations, investors, world leaders, and published female authors.
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100 Most Powerful Women in the World 2009
Review of the Most Powerful Women in the World
Recently Forbes announced its annual list of the one hundred most powerful women in the world. Although the list occasionally includes prominent celebrities, the criteria upon which the list is based depends more on influence rather than wealth or power.
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100 Most Powerful Women in the World 2008
Review of the Most Powerful Women in the World
Each year Forbes introduces the most powerful women in the world. While some of these individuals hold politcal positions, others manage multi-billion dollar companies, and almost all of them influence millions of people every day. The No. 1 spot on Forbes 100 most powerful women in 2008 goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the third year in a row. Her power covers both media coverage and the German government. Sheila Bair, the chairman for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), ranks second on the list.
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Most Powerful Women in the World Review 2007
Review of the Most Powerful Women in the World
The chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has topped the Forbes list of 100 powerful women for the second year in a row. Not only is she in control of the large European country of Germany, but she is also using her power to tackle challenging issues. Merkel set a challenging target to cut carbon emissions in Europe and argued her case successfully with G-8 leaders. The powerful German woman has an approval rating in her home country of 75%, even after raising taxes.
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World's Most Powerful Woman Review 2006
Review of the Most Powerful Women in the World
Women are now taking more charge of their life and career, actively climbing the corporate ladder like never before. Not content to just sit at home and look after the kids anymore (unless that's what they choose to do), women are gaining positions of power in large multinational corporations, foundations, and important government positions.
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