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business book reviewsBusiness Book Reviews
The book review section of the Woopidoo business success portal is a listing of objective reviews of popular books. The books focus on mostly on topics that include business, finance, investing, leadership, motivation, and self help.

All the book reviews are as objective as possible and include publishing and purchasing information for those wishing to either find out more about the book or to buy it online.

Visitors to Woopidoo are also allowed to submit their own book review of the books that have been listed. Customer reviews may be positive or negative, but they must contain constructive information for us to publish. All submissions by visitors are carefully checked before being added to the reviews page.

Star Ratings by Visitors
Visitors that review books at are also asked to give the book a star rating out of 5, with one star being the worst rating and 5 stars being the best rating.
1 star book review - One Star ratings are for the books you wish you did not read. (Very Bad Book)
2 star book review - Two Star ratings for dull books that really could of been better. (Less than Average Book)
3 star book review - Three Star ratings are for average books that were neither good nor bad. (Average Book)
4 star book review - Four Star ratings are for good books that are worth reading. (Above Average Book)
5 star book review - Five Star ratings are given to books that are considered essential in their field. (Great Book)

Submitting Books to be Reviewed
If you wish to have your book reviewed, send it to the following address..
(Books must be related to business, motivation, investing, finance, or technology)
23 Louth Park Road
Maitland, NSW, 2320

Contact us by Email if you have any further questions.

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