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A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation

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So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation Personal Finance Book by Daniel Franklin

So you graduated  college book review
So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation : Written by Daniel Franklin
Book Category : Personal Finance / Education Books
Book Details : Publisher - Keystone Enterprises LLC / May 7, 2006 / ISBN-10: 0978514904

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So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation by George Samuel Clason - Book Review

"So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation" Book Review by George9910

When I first received a copy of Daniel Franklin's So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life after Graduation, I thought to myself "great, another poorly written 'how to survive the real world' sort of book." But I was too quick to judge. Unlike most books in its category, this book is truly well written, insightful, and informative. For all it's worth, it is clearly a steal at only $12.95.

There are two elements of this book that I found truly unique and enjoyable:

1. Financial Insight
Many of these self-help books are simply condensed text books, providing terms and definitions, but nothing of real value. So You Graduated College, on the other hand, is packed with insight. Franklin presents the facts and then explains them through logic and analogies. Many of his ideas are non-traditional and his astute awareness of the financial reality in which we live is invaluable.

2. Enjoyable Reading
Not only is this book full of financial information and insight, but it also contains a touch of humor and personal examples from the author's life. Being a self-proclaimed finance geek, I would have read the book with or without this added personality, but that might not be true for those that need this book the most: the recently graduated, 20-something crowd. Finance is one of those subjects that not everyone (particularly the younger generation) is interested in, but everyone really needs to have at least a basic understanding of it. In my opinion, Franklin provides the perfect mix of personality and information in order to capture the younger generation's attention while simultaneously injecting their minds with the financial knowledge they need.

Franklin covers all the standard personal finance topics: insurance, taxes, investing, retirement accounts, car buying, consumer credit, etc., but has the strongest focus on investing, which he dedicates 43 out of 152 pages towards. He provides a compelling argument in support of aggressive investing for young adults by pointing out that they have many years of earning power to recover from any unfortunate financial mishaps and by presenting the diminishing risk element of supposedly risky investments over the long term. However, he also continuously reminds the reader of the importance of each investor's risk tolerance and that ultimately everyone needs to think for themselves rather than blindly following the advice of others.

The book also explores the realm of real estate investing, giving insights into issues such as the market inefficiencies that are responsible for such promising investment opportunities, the judicious use of leverage, when it makes sense to invest, and the emotional side to real estate investing. And true to the book's target audience, Franklin also provides ways to get involved with real estate when you're broke.

This book may not be the best purchase for you well-seasoned investment gurus out there, but for everyone else, and particularly those in their 20's, I strongly recommend it

So You Graduated College: A Financial Guide to Life After Graduation Book Quotes

  • "Perhaps the most valuable asset you have is your brain. Just as you would invest in and maintain a physical asset such as a house by remodeling and performing regular maintenance, consider investing in and maintaining your mind. Read books, take classes through the local college, teach yourself a new skill, or sign up for a master’s program." Daniel Franklin
  • "Sexy investments are those that are exciting to the investor. Such investments tend to provide minimal profits for a simple reason: supply and demand. If everyone wants to buy a certain investment because it is exciting, then the demand for that investment rises." Daniel Franklin
  • "This book is about money—how to make it and how to protect it. This is an extremely important topic as money makes the world go around and can provide us with the means to accomplish our dreams. Unfortunately, it is all too common for people to get confused about money’s role in society." Daniel Franklin
  • "The number one rule of investing in financial assets is to diversify, diversify, and diversify. The same rule applies to self-investment. Society does tend to monetarily reward those who develop a single skill or subject and make it their life’s work. However, just as an investor who invests only in the stock market is highly vulnerable to market crashes, a person who only dedicates him or herself only to a single subject is highly vulnerable to life’s curve balls." Daniel Franklin

So You Graduated College Book Contents

  • Chapter 1: Career & Grad School
  • Chapter 2: Frugal Living
  • Chapter 3: Your Automobile
  • Chapter 4: Getting Organized
  • Chapter 5: Consumer Debt
  • Chapter .6: General Investing
  • Chapter .7: The Stock Market
  • Chapter 8: Real Estate Investing
  • Chapter 9: Insurance
  • Chapter 10: Taxes
  • Chapter 11: Saving For Retirement
  • Chapter 12: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 13: Negotiation
  • Closing Thoughts

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