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Trump: How to Get Rich

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Business Book by Donald Trump Business Book by Donald Trump

Donald Trump book review
Trump: How to Get Rich : Written by Donald Trump and Meredith Mciver
Book Category : Business / Get Rich / Leadership / Biographical
Book Details : Publisher - Random House / First published in 2004 / ISBN - 1400063272
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Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald Trump - Book Review Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald Trump - Book Review

"Trump: How to get Rich" is written by the star of the hit reality TV program "The Apprentice", Donald Trump. It is a candidly written account of the daily events in the life of Trump. He discusses real estate, business leadership, his empire, the media, and "the art of the hair"!

How to Get Rich is far from an academic read, which makes it a fast paced conversational-like book. The author is one of the most well known faces in New York, particularly after the success of his reality TV program, where he made the term "You're Fired" famous. Trump is a proud man that is proud of his achievements and is quite happy to talk about them. Depending on how the reader takes the information he presents, one could look at the book as simply being self promotional and self aggrandizing or one could look at Trump's stories as being inspirational and something to aim for.

Donald J. Trump's "How to Get Rich" probably won't make you rich like the title suggests, but it is an entertaining read.

Trump: How to Get Rich Book Quotes

  • "The best negotiators are chameleons. Their attitude, demeanor, approach, and posture in negotiation will depend on the person on the other side of the table."
  • "New York magazine wrote that I'd 'perfected the pompad-over.' The New York Times called it 'an elaborate structure best left to an architecture critic.'" (Trump talking about his hair)
  • "Having a well developed ego, contrary to popular opinion, is a positive attribute."

Trump: How to Get Rich Book Contents

  • Introduction: Five Billion Reasons Why You Should Read This Book
  • Part 1: The Donald J. Trump School of Business and Management
  • Part 2: Your Personal Apprenticeship (Career Advice from The Donald)
  • Part 3: Money, Money, Money, Money
  • Part 4: The Secrets of Negotiation
  • Part 5: The Trump Lifestyle
  • Part 6: Inside the Apprentice

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Customer Reviews of "Trump: How to Get Rich" by Donald Trump - Submit your review online

  • Entertaining Look at Success - Book Review submitted by "VA Strat" - 3 star book review
    Donald Trump's book 'How to Get Rich' is entertaining and fun to read. Of course, if you know Donald, he is not out to breed competition, but rather to give you insight into his life and his passion for what he does - as well as make you smile (or mad) at his brash sense of humor. Taken on the surface, one may not find any ingredients to success within this book, but it's there in his affirmations and beliefs. This is not a business book per say, but a book written by a successful businessman who does reveal his secrets to getting rich so far as his mindset, passion, and dedication all taken with a smile and given with candor. Read it -- and look at the subtle lessons and disregard any business plan ideas that you may have looked to glean.
  • All Trump - Book Review submitted by "Michael" of Australia - 3 star book review
    This is a book about Donald Trump talking about his favorite subject, Donald Trump. Which isn't a bad thing, but it could be disappointing for those expecting to read the book and possibly learn "how to get rich". Trump is about entertainment, which is what the book is. It's also a self affirmation for Trump, something he could read himself when he is feeling insignificant (which is rarely I'm sure).
    Some people love the man and some people think the opposite, but I'm somewhere in between. He is a successful business man and likes talking about himself, so he can be a source of learning from. He doesn't share too many of his secrets, but the book is still an excellent read. It's hard to put down once you start.
  • Kind of Motivational - Book Review submitted by "Peter D." of London - 3 star book review
    Although the book didn't live up to its title, it was still an entertaining read. Written in a fast novel-like manner "How to Get Rich" by the Donald is a book written more to entertain than to educate. Trump has used it to name drop and as self promotion more than to let others in on any trade secrets to getting rich. But this is part of who Donald Trump is, so one couldn't expect much else.
    That being said, it is still worth the read, just don't expect to find any great revelations.
  • Trump Book is Fine - Book Review submitted by "Dan James" of New York, USA - 4 star book review
    The man is full of himself, but that's what it has taken to get him where he is now. He will probably never win the Nobel peace prize or be seen meditating with the Dalai Lama in the hills, but he is a businessman and he is a success!. Anyone expecting to find out "how to get rich" from reading this book is also looking in the wrong place. This book is more like a gossip magazine than something released from Harvard, but that's what makes it so interesting. It's the Donald talking about himself and how he goes about business.
    An interesting section was where Trump detailed his daily appointments and things that he had to do. He seems to be a hard working man with a lot of dedication and commitment to his business, which should be the main point that people take from "How to get Rich". Regardless of how rude or arrogant Donald Trump may appear to some people, he works hard and deserves his success.

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