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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad book review
Rich Dad, Poor Dad : Written by Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter
Book Category : Personal Finance Books
Book Details : Publisher - Warner Business Books / First published in 2000 / ISBN - 0446677450
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Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Book Review Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki - Book Review

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! was written by Robert Kiyosaki. It was the book that launched Kiyosaki into the success of an Internationally best selling author. Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks about how to be financially successful from investing, real estate, owning businesses, and using finance protection tactics.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a story of how Kiyosaki grew up learning from his real dad (the poor dad), and his friend Michael's dad (the rich dad). Poor dad was well educated and had a good job, but retired poor as he did not learn how to effectively grow his wealth. Rich dad was not well educated academically, but learned how to use money to build a great fortune through owning businesses and investing.

The book is more of a motivational book to get readers thinking about money, rather than a step by step guide to wealth. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is written in an entertaining anecdotal manner that makes a topic that many avoid (finances), interesting.

Rather than using the book as a practical guide to wealth, use it as a motivational tool and a first step on the path to learning about money. It is more of a fictional novel to inspire people to learn more. If you are already well along the path of learning about money, finance, and investing, you will probably get very little from Rich Dad, Poor Dad. But if you rarely think about money and have just enough to pay the bills each week, this book could be the start of your financial freedom. Just don't stop with this one book, keep reading others as this is only a small part of what it takes to learn about money and investing.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book Quotes

  • "A true luxury is a reward for investing in and developing a real asset." Robert Kiyosaki
  • "The only way to get out of the "Rat Race" is to prove your proficiency at both accounting and investing, arguably two of the most difficult subjects to master." Robert Kiyosaki
  • "I have mentioned before that financial intelligence is a synergy of accounting, investing, marketing and law. Combine those four technical skills and making money with money is easier." Robert Kiyosaki
  • "Most people are poor because when it comes to investing, the world is filled with Chicken Littles running around yelling, "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." Robert Kiyosaki
  • "Many of today's youth have credit cards before they leave high school, yet they have never had a course in money or how to invest it, let alone understand how compound interest works on credit cards." Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book Contents

  • There is a Need
  • Chapter One - Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Chapter Two - The Rich Don't Work for Money
  • Chapter Three - Why Teach Financial Literacy?
  • Chapter Four - Mind Your Own Business
  • Chapter Five - The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations
  • Chapter Six - The Rich Invent Money
  • Chapter Seven - Work to Learn - Don't Work for Money
  • Chapter Eight - Overcoming Obstacles
  • Chapter Nine - Getting Started
  • Chapter Ten - Still Want More?

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  • First Step for those Thinking about Money - Book Review submitted by "Michael" - 3 star book review
    I used the book like it was supposed to be used. I read it, was motivated by it, and went and learned about particular topics from the experts. Many critics of the book were trying to cut it down as it was such a tall poppy. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is not an academically written book that will win any prestigious finance awards, its a motivational book to get the financially illiterate off their butt and doing something about their finances. If people use this ONE book for their entire financial knowledge and advice, then that would be silly. It's one small step.

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