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Adding Business Book Reviews
The customer reviews allow you to share your comments and opinions on the books that have been reviewed on the Woopidoo Book Reviews category.

All reviews are checked before being published to discourage any abuse of the book reviews. Please ensure that you follow our guidelines below.

Please explain why you did or did not enjoy reading the book. Reviews that consist of a few words with no reasons for your opinion will not be added.
Keep focused on the book, and only mention other topics or people if they are directly related to the book.
Do not use profanities, personal attacks on any individual, slang, or any type of offensive language.
Do not include any kind of marketing or promotional information. Includes website addresses, phone numbers, prices, and anything that can be seen as promotional.

Please Note : We have taken down the book review form due to the constant abuse of spammers. If you still feel strongly about a book that we have reviewed, please send your review, along with the title of the book, and the number of stars you would give it (out of 5).

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Submitting Books to be Reviewed
If you wish to have your book reviewed, send it to the following address..
(Books must be related to business, motivation, investing, finance, or technology)
23 Louth Park Road
Maitland, NSW, 2320

Contact us by Email if you have any further questions.

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