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Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling

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Self Help Book by Wayne Dyer Self Help Book by Wayne Dyer

wayne w dyer book review
Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling : Written by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Book Category : Self Help Books
Book Details : Publisher - Hay House / First published in 2006 / ISBN - 1401907210
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Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling - Book Review Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne Dyer - Book Review

"Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling" is a book that attempts to look inward rather than looking outside of the self for encouragement or inspiration. Best selling author Wayne Dyer encourages readers to ignore the ego based, goal oriented ways of living and to seek the nonphysical self.

The major focus of the book teaches that motivation is the struggle towards a set goal, while inspiration comes from within and uses an infinite power to bring abundance or peace towards us. So rather than pleasing the ego by forever running after goals, we should let the goals flow naturally towards us by looking inward, and remaining content with our current life (which is really all we ever have; the now).

"We are already connected to everything that we think is missing from our life. Below and above the ranges that our eyes and ears perceive, the entire activity of creation remains invisible and inaccessible.. but when we shift from sensory searching to trusting what we know, we discover the folly of chasing after anything in order to feel inspired." Wayne Dyer Quote from the book

For some, this book by Wayne Dyer may be too far down the path of new age spirituality, but for others it will resonate with a truth that is right for them. As Dyer is getting older he seems to be publishing works that are increasingly more spiritual and inward looking, as opposed to his earlier self help, go get 'em type books. For those that have read any previous books by the author, "Inspiration" will be an enjoyable read.

It sometimes becomes too biographical and personal, but this shouldn't bother fans of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling Book Quotes

  • "There's a voice in the Universe entreating us to remember our purpose, our reason for being here now in this world of impermanence. The voice whispers, shouts, and sings to us that this experience - of being in form in space and time - has meaning. That voice belongs to inspiration, which is within each and every one of us." Wayne Dyer
  • "We have a built in yearning to seek our inspired self and feel wholeness, a kind of inexplicable sense that patiently demands recognition and action." Wayne Dyer
  • "Before merging into form, we were a part of God, with all the inherent qualities of a Creator who sends forth abundance, creativity, love, peace, joy, and wellbeing." Wayne Dyer
  • "It's important to understand that any of the traditional measures of success, such as job promotions, wealth, public acclaim, expensive clothing, a commanding presence, verbal adeptness, a voluminous vocabulary, a charismatic appearance, fame, and so forth don't necessarily mean high marks as an inspirational person." Wayne Dyer

Inspiration : Your Ultimate Calling Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part One - Inspiration - Living In-Spirit
  • Part Two - The Fundamentals of Inspiration
  • Part Three - Giving and Receiving Inspiration
  • Part Four - Conversing with your Spiritual Source
  • Part Five - A Personal Look at Inspiration

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  • Save Your Money - Book Review submitted by "Curious" - 2 star book review
    In my opinion, I believe the good Dr. Wayne has hit the literary wall with this book.
    He had a lot more to say in his book Real Magic, but since then has just been repeating the same shtick over and over.
    His references to his rather upscale lifestyle (for someone who claims not to put a lot of value in such things) leaves one feeling like (to paraphrase a Bruce Springsteen lyric), "There's a joke here somewhere and it's on us." I felt like I was being used as a test client by a marketing machine rather than someone who wanted to give me genuine information to help improve my life.
    Get this book at the library. Don't buy it.

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