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Companies News - World Company Lists
Company Reviews is a listing of some of the world's largest and most innovative companies in the world. Lists include the Fortune 500, the Global 2000 by Forbes magazine, and various research firms that publish company information.
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World's Top Brands 2008
Review of the World's Top Brands 2008
BrandZ has released their third annual list of the top 100 most powerful brands in the world, with the Internet search engine Google coming in at number one. The dollar value of the Google brand has increased by 30% to an estimated $86.1 billion according to the BrandZ Top 100 list.
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World's Best Brands Review 2007
Review of the Best Global Brands for 2007
For the seventh consecutive year the number one brand in the world is the brown fizzy soft drink of Coca-Cola. The global giant is slowing though as the company is spending a lot of time focusing on the healthier beverages that people are continuing to choose over the classic Coke beverage.
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Top Ten Business Stories in America 2006
Top Business and Finance News for 2006
The business and finance department at has looked back over the top business stories for the year of 2006 and have come up with their top ten stories. It was an event filled year for the economy last year, so there was a lot of headlines to choose from.
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World's Best Global Brands Review 2006
Review of the Best Global Brands for 2006
The branding company Interbrand and the BusinessWeek magazine have teamed up again to rank the world's leading super brands. The best brands in 2006 are a lot like the ones featured on the list in 2005, except for some jostling from long established companies and just a few new comers finding themselves on the elite 100 list.
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World's Largest 2000 Public Companies Review 2006
World's Largest Companies for 2006
Forbes has released what it believes to be the 2000 largest public companies in the world for 2006. The Forbes global 2000 differs slightly from the Fortune 500 companies list as it measures more than just the profits and the size of each company on the list. Those listed are ranked according to their assets, market value, profits, and sales.
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Rupert Murdoch's Web Property
Review of the News Corporation Company is a News Corporation owned company that was purchased in July 2005 for $580 million USD. The popular social networking website was started just 2 years before being bought by Murdoch, in July 2003. Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe founded the site that targeted musicians and bands, allowing them to interact with fans and share their music online. The site quickly became popular with teens and the 20-something crowd, giving them a place to meet, interact, and share information online.
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Top Fortune 500 Corporations for 2006
Fortune 500 Companies Review for 2006
Fortune magazine has released it's annual list of the largest corporations in the United States by revenue. The Fortune 500 list now has a new leading company at the top after Wal-Mart held the position for the previous 4 years.
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American Company Reputation Quotient 2005
Company Reputation Quotient Review for 2005
The 7th annual results of the "Reputation Quotient" list of American companies has been released. The joint venture between the New York based market research firm Harris Interactive, Inc. and research and advisory company The Reputation Institute, Inc. measures the reputations of the most prominent companies in the United States.
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