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Richest Americans List 2013
400 Richest American People 2013 Review
For the 20th time in a row the richest person in the United States of America is.. wait for it.. Bill Gates! It's interesting how nothing much really happens with the top 10 list of America's richest. They might go up or down a few places here and there, but those at the very top of the list have become static. I haven't had a good look at the Forbes 400 list yet but I'm guessing Warren Buffett is at number 2 and Larry Ellison is at number 3 (OK now I have checked and I was right!).
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List of World's Richest Billionaires 2011
World's Billionaires Review 2011
The Forbes business magazine has released their annual billionaires list of the richest people in the world for 2011. Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu has held onto the number one position for the second year running with his staggering $74 billion fortune, an increase of $20.5 billionaire from last year!
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President Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize 2009
American President Barack Obama Awarded Prize for Peace
Less than nine months into his presidency, US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards restoring international relations around the world. While some people agree that Obama has made significant strides during his presidency, some critics argue that the Nobel Prize was not yet earned by the new President.
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Richest Americans List 2009
400 Richest American People 2009 Review
Forbes released its list for the richest people in the US in 2009. For the fifth time in almost thirty years of the annual list, the net worth of the richest Americans fell over the last year from $1.57 trillion to $1.27 trillion, falling $3 billion from 2008.
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Philippines Richest People 2009
List of the Richest Filipino People in 2009
Like most other countries around the world, the Philippines were hit hard by the struggling world economy in 2008 and 2009. Despite worldwide hardships, however, Philippine's ten richest people were able to hold on to their wealth and even grow their net worth. In fact, the total net worth of the country's richest people rose from $14.2 billion in 2008 to $16.4 billion in 2009.
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100 Most Powerful Women in the World 2009
Review of the Most Powerful Women in the World
Recently Forbes announced its annual list of the one hundred most powerful women in the world. Although the list occasionally includes prominent celebrities, the criteria upon which the list is based depends more on influence rather than wealth or power.
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Richest African Americans 2009
Wealthiest Black Americans Review 2009
There are twenty individuals named on this year's Forbes Richest African Americans list spanning a wide range of careers. Remarkably, all twenty people are self-made millionaires (or billionaires, in one case) and are involved in everything from entertainment and athletics to real estate, media, and construction.
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BRW Richest Australians Review 2009
Australia's Richest People Review 2009
Australia's richest people have lost billions over the past 12 months just like the rich around the world. The list of 200 rich Aussies plunged in value by about $25 billion with the mining magnate Andrew Forrest and casino mogul James Packer absorbing much of that pain with a $7.03 billion loss for the former and a $3 billion loss for the latter.
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Forbes Richest Australians Review 2009
Australia's Richest People Review 2009
Forbes announced their list of the forty richest businesspeople in Australia for 2009. The top 40 richest Australians list from last year (which included New Zealand) had a total net worth of $61.5 billion which dropped to $33.7 billion in 2009. Had this years list included New Zealand, the top 40 would have included a few Kiwis and would have pushed the total net worth up to $40 billion. Despite losses, this year's list had a minimum net worth of $280 million and James Packer, this year's richest Australian, topped the list with $3.1 billion in net worth.
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List of the Richest People in the World 2009
World's Billionaires Review 2009
Americans dominated the billionaire list this year, carrying 45% of the list's slots and holding 44% of the wealth on the Forbes list. Economic declines in the last part of 2008 are partially to blame for the decline in both wealth and number of billionaires on the March list with some individuals losing 50% or more of their net worth over the last 12 months. Overall, the collective net worth of the richest people is estimated around $2.4 trillion, a whole $2 trillion lower than last year's list.
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Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2008 is Barack Obama
Person of the Year Review 2008
Time Magazine has chosen Barack Obama as the Person of the Year for 2008. Runners up were American Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, and Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou.
::: Read Time Magazine Article
China's Richest People 2008
List of the Richest Chinese People in 2008
China had a booming industry in 2007 and its wealthy residents amassed billions of dollars in fortunes. 2008, however, has turned out to be less than ideal for China's elite and Forbes recent list of China's top 400 richest people reflects just how much the global economy is affecting them. The estimated combined net worth of China's 400 in 2008 was $173 billion, over $100 billion less than the previous year. Losses and drops in assets are blamed on the recent 60% drop in mainland stocks combined with a 50% decline in shares in Hong Kong.
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iPod Index 2008
CommSec iPod Index Review of World Currencies
According to the most recent CommSec iPod index, Australia is the cheapest place in the world to buy an iPod (as of October 2008), a reflection on the recent fall of the Australian dollar when measured against the U.S. Dollar. The iPod index is not a direct measurement of currency exchange rates, but is designed to provide price comparisons of the same goods when purchased in different countries by foreign buyers. The price comparisons are based on the iPod 8GB nano in the value of U.S. Dollars.
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Barack Obama Becomes President
Barack Obama Wins 2008 Presidential Election
Barack Obama only needed 270 electoral votes to win the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, but he found enough supporters to earn him over 340 votes in the electoral college. Conventional swing states like Ohio and Florida voted early in Obama's favor and he even managed to win over historically republican states like Virginia and Indiana. His lead came early on Tuesday, November 4, and within a few short hours of poll closings, Obama solidified his place as the 44th President of the United States and the first African-American to sit in the Oval Office.
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American Rich List 2008
400 Richest American People 2008 Review
On September 17, 2008 Forbes once again announced its list of the top 400 richest Americans. While past years have shown dramatic increases in the combined net wealth of these individuals, 2008 proved quiet different with a the net worth rising only 2% from 2007 to $1.57 trillion. In order to make the list this year, individuals needed to have at least $1.3 billion in assets, the same as in 2007.
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Review of the Economist Magazine's Big Mac Index 2008
Big Mac Index 2008 Review
The Economist magazine recently published their lighthearted look at world currencies with the 2008 Big Mac Index. World currencies are measured against the cost of a single Big Mac from McDonald's fast food restaurants in each country. Ideally there would be a wide range of products used to measure the value of a currency, but that wouldn't be nearly as interesting as using just a Big Mac.
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The New Yorker Cover Controversy
Barack Obama and his Wife on the Cover of the New Yorker
The New Yorker magazine has created a political storm with the publication of a cartoon cover that depicts the Democratic candidate and possible American president Barack Obama looking like Osama Bin Laden next to his wife Michelle Obama with a machine gun strapped to her back and looking very militant.
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Warren Buffett Lunch Auction
Lunch with Warren Buffett Auction for Charity
Warren Buffett has put himself up for auction again this year. Bidding has now finished on the online auction website eBay for lunch with Warren Buffett at the Smith and Wollensky steakhouse restaurant in New York. The winning bidder and seven friends will get to dine with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO. The winning bid for lunch with Warren Buffett in 2008 was an impressive $2.1 million paid by Zhao Danyang of the Pureheart China Growth Investment Fund.
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World's Top Brands 2008
Review of the World's Top Brands 2008
BrandZ has released their third annual list of the top 100 most powerful brands in the world, with the Internet search engine Google coming in at number one. The dollar value of the Google brand has increased by 30% to an estimated $86.1 billion according to the BrandZ Top 100 list.
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Warren Buffett Becomes the Richest Man in the World 2008
Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett Becomes World's Richest Man
Warren Buffett has become the richest man in the world according to the Forbes business magazine which ranks the billionaires of the world each year. The famous stock market investor has long been denied the number position by his friend and bridge playing partner Bill Gates.
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Virgin Atlantic's Biofuel Flight
Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Historic Biofuel Flight
Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic has flown a 747 jumbo jet from London's Heathrow airport to Amsterdam using a small percentage of biofuels to power the Boeing plane. The Boeing 747 had three of its four fuel tanks filled with normal jet fuel, while the fourth tank was filled with 80% jet fuel and 20% coconut and babassu palm oil. So the flight was far from being an environmentally friendly experience, but it was the first flight of its kind by a commercial airline.
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Richest 40 Hong Kong People 2008
Richest 40 People in Hong Kong 08 Review
The former British colony of Hong Kong which was returned to the communist China in 1997 is now home to some of the richest people in Asia and the world. The inaugural Forbes list of Hong Kong's 40 richest people is a list of billionaires, with mere multimillionaires nowhere to be seen. Like many places around the world it is no longer enough to be a multimillionaire, as you now have to be a billionaire to be at the top of the money heap.
::: Read Full Hong Kong Rich List
Fifteen Richest Fictional People in 2007
Richest Fictional Characters Review
Both Carlos Slim and Scrooge McDuck have had extremely profitable years in 2007. The former because of the surging share price of his massive share holdings and the latter because of the surging price of gold. The wealthy duck has hoarded all of his ever growing pile of gold coins and bullion and now has an estimated net worth of $28.8 billion. His strategy of buying and hoarding has paid off, with an almost threefold increase in wealth over the past year, and the title of the richest fictional character from the Forbes business magazine.
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World's Best Brands Review 2007
Review of the Best Global Brands for 2007
For the seventh consecutive year the number one brand in the world is the brown fizzy soft drink of Coca-Cola. The global giant is slowing though as the company is spending a lot of time focusing on the healthier beverages that people are continuing to choose over the classic Coke beverage.
::: Read Best Brands
Review of the Economist's Big Mac Index 2007
Big Mac Index 2007 Review
The Economist magazine released their annual "Big Mac Index" for 2007. It's their lighthearted look at a subject that most people find dry and tasteless. I'm talking about purchasing-power parity or PPP, not the Big Macs (which may or may not be tasteless and dry). They look at world currencies and how fairly valued they are compared to the currency of different countries.
::: Read Big Mac Index
Is Carlos Slim Helu the Richest Man in the World?
Carlos Slim Helu has been Ranked as the Richest Man in the World
Carlos Slim Helu has steadily been creeping up the ranks of the richest people in the world over the past few years. When the Forbes magazine put out their annual rich list in 2007, they had Carlos Slim ranked as the third richest man in the world, with Warren Buffett second and Bill Gates first. A Mexican reporter has now put Carlos Slim in the number one position as the richest man in the world.
::: Read Richest Man in the World Review
Richest Australians Review 2007
Australia's Richest People Review 2007
Like most rich lists around the world, the Australian rich list has significantly increased over the past year. The number of billionaires have increased and it is now much harder to be listed as it takes a minimum of $180 million to get on the BRW Rich 200.
::: Read 200 Richest Australians
Rupert Murdoch Targets Global Warming with News Corporation Energy Initiative
Rupert Murdoch Fights Climate Change and Becomes Carbon Neutral
In 2007 at the age of 76, Rupert Murdoch has showed that he is still open to change. The media mogul released an ambitious plan to to tackle the problems of global warming by making his global corporation carbon neutral. He told 47,000 employees that they will not only cut their energy use, but that the word on climate change will also be put out through his many media outlets.
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Richest People in the World 2007
World's Billionaires Review 2007
The Forbes billionaires list continues to grow in number, with a record 946 billionaires counted around the world in 2007. The top five positions are pretty much the same as last year, but there have been an impressive 178 newcomers to the list. The combined value of the entire billionaires list rose by $900 billion to $3.5 trillion with an average of $3.6 billion each.
::: Read Full Richest People in the World Review
World's Most Expensive Homes 2007
Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World for 2007
Forbes has scoured the world again to find the most expensive homes in 2007. They are spread throughout all corners of the globe, including Turkey, France, and the United Kingdom, but the majority of the top ten is dominated with American mansions. A UK home takes the number one position on the list, but six of the top ten are American.
::: Read Most Expensive Homes Review
Top Ten Business Stories in America 2006
Top Business and Finance News for 2006
The business and finance department at has looked back over the top business stories for the year of 2006 and have come up with their top ten stories. It was an event filled year for the economy last year, so there was a lot of headlines to choose from.
::: Read Business News Review
Review of the Top Ten Most Expensive Cars in the World for 2006
Most Expensive Cars in the World 2006
We live in a time where gas prices force many families to think twice about driving to the local store, but high fuel costs shouldn't concern the buyers of the cars below. The Forbes business magazine has put together a list of the top ten most expensive cars in the world. The luxury cars are all street legal, even if they look more comfortable on a race track.
::: Read Most Expensive Cars Review
Richest People in China 2006
Richest Chinese People 2006 Review
With China now embracing the ways of the West, entrepreneurs are cashing in on a new type of consumer that wants all the things that the wealthier western countries like the United States take for granted. Luxury goods, real estate, home appliances, and cars are now consumed like never before in the country that has an economy growing at ten percent each year.
::: Read Full Chinese Rich List Article
Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 2006
Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank Wine Nobel Peace Prize
The Nobel Peace Prize has a long list of distinguished laureates that include leaders of countries, activists for human rights, and founders of beneficial organizations. Bankers and banks have never been thought of as peacemakers until now. The Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank have been awarded equal share in the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006.
::: Read Nobel Peace Prize 2006 Review
World's Largest 2000 Public Companies Review 2006
World's Largest Companies for 2006
Forbes has released what it believes to be the 2000 largest public companies in the world for 2006. The Forbes global 2000 differs slightly from the Fortune 500 companies list as it measures more than just the profits and the size of each company on the list. Those listed are ranked according to their assets, market value, profits, and sales.
::: Read Global Companies Article
Forbes CEO Salary Compensation Review 2006
Chief Executive Officers Salary Review for 2006
This year the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the top 500 American companies earned a total of $5.4 billion or had an average salary of $10.9 million. There was also an average of $5.6 million in exercised stock options for each boss. Leading CEO's only had a small wage rise of just 6%, which is unimpressive when compared to the massive 54% wage rise in 2004!
::: Read CEO Pay Article
Top Fortune 500 Corporations for 2006
Fortune 500 Companies Review for 2006
Fortune magazine has released it's annual list of the largest corporations in the United States by revenue. The Fortune 500 list now has a new leading company at the top after Wal-Mart held the position for the previous 4 years.
::: Read Fortune 500 Article
Top 50 Management Thinkers for 2005
Management Thinkers Review for 2005
Suntop Media has released what it considers to be the top 50 business management leaders for 2005. The Biannual Thinkers 50 list has named Michael Porter of Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness as the most influential living management thinker of 2005.
::: Read Thinkers 50 Article

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