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Reputation Quotient 2005

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Company Reputation Quotient 2005
Assessment that measures the reputations of famous American companies, by Harris Interactive and the Reputation Institute.

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Reputation Quotient review Reputation Quotient of Famous American Companies in 2005

The 7th annual results of the "Reputation Quotient" list of American companies has been released. The joint venture between the New York based market research firm Harris Interactive, Inc. and research and advisory company The Reputation Institute, Inc. measures the reputations of the most prominent companies in the United States.

Pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson came in at number 1 again, holding onto its first place position since the list began in 1999. The cuddly image of the baby products that it markets has helped the image of Johnson and Johnson, with good branding helping J&J. In contrast, most other pharmaceutical companies did poorly on the list of 60 companies, with Pfizer coming at 31 and Merk at 45 suffering in reputation with the controversy of the harmful Vioxx drug.

The Internet search engine Google that was founded by the two Stanford University students Sergey Brin and Larry Page made an impressive debut on the company Reputation Quotient list, coming in at position 3. The Google company has quickly developed a good reputation with the company motto of "Don't be Evil", a giving company philosophy, and rewarding investors with a skyrocketing share price hasn't hurt either.

The most visible companies are first found by asking respondents to identify what they think are the most popular companies. They are then asked to list two companies with the best reputations and two companies with the worst reputations. After the list of 60 American has been selected, respondents are asked to comment on different aspects of each business. The main categories of questioning focus on Products and Services, Financial Performance, Workplace Environment, Social Responsibility, Vision and Leadership, and Emotional Appeal.

Top 10 Best Reputations of American Companies for 2005
  • 1) Johnson & Johnson - NYSE: JNJ - Founded in 1885 - Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, baby products, and first aid supplies.
  • 2) The Coca-Cola Company - NYSE: KO - Founded in 1902 - International beverage manufacturer with brands like Coke, Fanta and Powerade.
  • 3) Google - NASDAQ: GOOG - Founded in 1998 - Internet search engine and technology company.
  • 4) United Parcel Service (UPS) - NYSE: UPS - Founded in 1907 - World package delivery and logistics company..
  • 5) 3M Company - NYSE: MMM - Founded in 1906 - Manufacturer of adhesives, abrasives, and pharmaceuticals.
  • 6) Sony Corporation - NYSE: SNE - Founded in 1946 - Consumer electronics products that include the Sony Walkman, digital cameras, and the Playstation.
  • 7) Microsoft Corporation - NASDAQ: MSFT - Founded in 1975 - Major computer software and technology company.
  • 8) General Mills - NYSE: GIS - Founded in 1866 - Food company with brands like Betty Crocker, Nestle, and Yoplait.
  • 9) FedEx Corporation - NYSE: FDX - Founded in 1971 - Parcel delivery, logistics, and document copying company.
  • 10) Intel Corporation - NASDAQ: INTC - Founded in 1968 - Semiconductor company producing microprocessors and integrated circuits.

Top 10 Worst Reputations of American Companies for 2005

  • 51) Sprint Corporation - NYSE: S - Founded in 1899 - Telecommunications company with a large wireless network.
  • 52) Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia - NYSE: MSO - Founded in ?? - Publishing, media and merchandising company.
  • 53) ExxonMobil Corporation - NYSE: XOM - Founded in 1911 - Oil company.
  • 54) Royal Dutch/Shell - NYSE: RDS - Founded in 1907 - International energy company producing oil, natural gas, and gasoline.
  • 55) Tyco International, Ltd - NYSE: TYC - Founded in 1907 - Conglomerate producing products that include electronic components, fire safety, security, and health care products.
  • 56) United Airlines/ UAL Corporation - IATA: UA - Founded in 1926 - American Airline.
  • 57) Halliburton Company - NYSE: HAL - Founded in 1919 - Energy and Construction company involved in oil and gas exploration.
  • 58) Adelphia Communications Corporation - OTCBB: ADELQ - Founded in 1952 - Cable television provider.
  • 59) MCI (formerly Worldcom) - NASDAQ: MCIP - Founded in 1983 - Telecommunications company
  • 60) Enron - BANKRUPT - Founded in 1930 - Energy company dealing with electricity, natural gas and communications.

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