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Richest Americans Wealth List News and Reviews - United States of America

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Business News - Richest Americans
Business News - Richest Americans
Rich List Reviews is a listing of America's richest people. Most of the lists discuss the stories published by the Forbes business magazine in the United States of America.
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Richest American People Reviews Richest American People Reviews - The Wealthiest

Richest Americans List 2013
400 Richest American People 2013 Review
For the 20th time in a row the richest person in the United States of America is.. wait for it.. Bill Gates! It's interesting how nothing much really happens with the top 10 list of America's richest. They might go up or down a few places here and there, but those at the very top of the list have become static. I haven't had a good look at the Forbes 400 list yet but I'm guessing Warren Buffett is at number 2 and Larry Ellison is at number 3 (OK now I have checked and I was right!).
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Richest Americans List 2009
400 Richest American People 2009 Review
Forbes released its list for the richest people in the US in 2009. For the fifth time in almost thirty years of the annual list, the net worth of the richest Americans fell over the last year from $1.57 trillion to $1.27 trillion, falling $3 billion from 2008.
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Richest African Americans 2009
Wealthiest Black Americans Review 2009
There are twenty individuals named on this year's Forbes Richest African Americans list spanning a wide range of careers. Remarkably, all twenty people are self-made millionaires (or billionaires, in one case) and are involved in everything from entertainment and athletics to real estate, media, and construction.
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American Rich List 2008
400 Richest American People 2008 Review
On September 17, 2008 Forbes once again announced its list of the top 400 richest Americans. While past years have shown dramatic increases in the combined net wealth of these individuals, 2008 proved quiet different with a the net worth rising only 2% from 2007 to $1.57 trillion. In order to make the list this year, individuals needed to have at least $1.3 billion in assets, the same as in 2007.
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Richest 400 Americans 2007
400 Richest Americans 2007 Review
The Forbes 400 richest Americans list has been released for 2007. The magazine has proven that the American rich are getting richer and that being a billionaire is no longer enough for a place in the top four hundred wealthiest Americans.
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Richest People in America 2006
Richest Americans 2006 Review
The four hundred richest Americans have been ranked by the Forbes business magazine for 2006. It is now no longer enough to be just a multi-millionaire to appear on the list, you now have to be a billionaire to qualify! The group of 400 American billionaires increased their collective wealth by an impressive $120 billion to have a total of $1.25 trillion US dollars!
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Richest Americans 2005
Richest Americans 2005 Review
The Forbes business magazine released its list of the 400 wealthiest Americans recently, with mr Microsoft Bill Gates topping the list at number one again. The 400 richest Americans increased their combined value again and surpassed the one trillion American dollars mark, just like last year. America's richest increased their total value by $US125 billion, bringing their combined total value to a staggering $1.13 trillion USD.
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The United States Richest People in 2004
America's Richest People Review
Not since the year 2000 has the 400 richest Americans total fortunes gone above the $1 trillion mark. Even the burden of coming through an economic recovery hasn't put a dent in the net worth of those on the list, with a total increase of $45 billion in just 12 months. At number one for the 11th consecutive year is Microsoft founder Bill Gates with an estimated $48 billion. In second position is the investment guru and chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies Warren Buffett with an estimated $41 billion. Buffett is gaining on the number one position with an increase in wealth by an estimated $5 billion.
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