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BRW - Australian Rich Entertainers 2006
BRW - Top 50 Entertainers
Review of Australia's highest earning celebrity entertainers
according to the BRW business magazine, 2006

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Australia's Top 50 Entertainers 2006 BRW Rich List Review - Australia's Top 50 Entertainers 2006

the wigglesAussie entertainers down under have been ranked according to their earning power over the past twelve months. The Australian Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine's annual list of the top fifty entertainers has the wacky children's group, the Wiggles at the top of the list.

The Wiggles is a four man group dressed in bright skivvies performing for children worldwide. They earned $50 million (Australian dollars) during during the past year, with tours in the United States and Britain helping greatly. The foursome may look comical, but they are a business savvy bunch with amusement park deals, DVD sales, television episodes, and plans to set up Wiggles franchises in Japan and Latin America.

A 2005 release of "The Family Jewels" DVD helped the aging AC/DC rock group into second position with an estimated $25 million in gross earnings. The band was formed was back in 1973 but they can still manage to sell more than three million albums every year.

The rest of the top 5 Australian entertainers include the actress Nicole Kidman with $22.3 million, star of the X-Men Hugh Jackman with $20 million, and the country music star that has been having some success in America, Keith Urban with $20 million.

Most of the top 20 Aussie entertainment earners have showed that to make it big you have to be successful outside of the country, particularly in America. With a population of just 20 million, creative Aussies are forced to move into bigger markets. The only two Australians in the top twenty entertainers without an international audience are the shock jock radio presenters John Laws with $8 million and Alan Jones with $5 million.

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top 10 rich list Richest Top 10

Ten highest earning celebrity entertainers in Australia in 2006 according to the BRW business magazine.
(All figures in Australian Dollars)

1. The Wiggles, $50 million, Children's Entertainment
2. AC/DC, $25 million, Rock n Roll music group
3. Nicole Kidman, $22.3 million, Actress
4. Hugh Jackman, $20 million, Actor
5. Keith Urban, $20 million, Country Singer
6. Kylie Minogue, $19 million, Pop Singer
7. Cate Blanchett, $15 million, Actress
8. Hi-5, $15 million, Children's Entertainment
9. Eric Bana, $12 million, Actor
10. Naomi Watts, $11 million, Actress

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