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Business News - Richest Australians
Rich List Reviews is a listing of Ausyralia's richest people. Most of the lists discuss the stories published by the the BRW (Business Review Weekly) business magazine's yearly publication of their various lists.
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richest australians Richest Australian Reviews - The Wealthiest

Forbes Richest Australians Review 2009
Australia's Richest People Review 2009
Forbes announced their list of the forty richest businesspeople in Australia for 2009. The top 40 richest Australians list from last year (which included New Zealand) had a total net worth of $61.5 billion which dropped to $33.7 billion in 2009. Had this years list included New Zealand, the top 40 would have included a few Kiwis and would have pushed the total net worth up to $40 billion. Despite losses, this year's list had a minimum net worth of $280 million and James Packer, this year's richest Australian, topped the list with $3.1 billion in net worth.
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BRW Richest Australians Review 2009
Australia's Richest People Review 2009
Australia's richest people have lost billions over the past 12 months just like the rich around the world. The list of 200 rich Aussies plunged in value by about $25 billion with the mining magnate Andrew Forrest and casino mogul James Packer absorbing much of that pain with a $7.03 billion loss for the former and a $3 billion loss for the latter.
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Richest Australians Review 2007
Australia's Richest People Review 2007
Like most rich lists around the world, the Australian rich list has significantly increased over the past year. The number of billionaires have increased and it is now much harder to be listed as it takes a minimum of $180 million to get on the BRW Rich 200.
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Young Rich Australians in 2006
Australia's Richest Young People Review
The Australian Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine has released it's annual list of rich young Australian people. The man that had held the number one position since the annual list first began (John Ilhan), was knocked off because of age. The mobile phone retailer of the Crazy Johns chain of stores still has $300 million in assets, which would give him the number one position, but Ilhan is now 41 years old.
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BRW Rich List 200 Review 2006
Australia's Richest People Review 2006
Australia has found itself with it's very first female billionaire, with Gina Rinehart cashing in on the mining boom in Australia. Rinehart inherited her iron ore business from her late father Lang Hancock, but she has also shown that she is quite capable of overcoming the challenges and pitfalls that come with being at the head of a profitable company.
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Australia's Top 50 Entertainers 2006
Australia's Highest Earning Entertainers Review
Aussie entertainers down under have been ranked according to their earning power over the past twelve months. The Australian Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine's annual list of the top fifty entertainers has the wacky children's group, the Wiggles at the top of the list.
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Young Rich Australians in 2005
Australia's Richest Young People Review
The BRW (Business Review Weekly) magazine in Australia has released its list of Australia's richest young people. The young rich have increased in number this year, with ninety young Australians making the list this year, up ten from last year. The total worth of those on the rich list in 2005 totaled $3.7 billion Australian dollars, compared with $3.4 billion in 2004.
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200 Richest Australians in 2005
Australia's Richest People Review
Australia's richest people have been named for 2005 by the Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine. Like most rich lists that have been compiled around the world this year, Australia's richest have become richer.
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